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The Two Lands - Death It´s just the beginning - Chapter I

The Day That I Was Reborn

Most of religions told us that there are an almighty being, the Creator of Universe, both omnipresent and omnipotent. Others believe that there is more than one, all different, with opposite sex, etc. Almost all use always the same sermon, if you are good you will go to heaven, otherwise you will go to hell. Well… Can I tell you something? They are all wrong, that’s right. Well… almost the part about the heaven and hell, those things do not exist, unless you are some kind of pessimist, in that case, there will be a hell wherever you go.

When someone dies, basically your soul is sucked from the body, to be driven by an intense light, into a huge white room, where, there is nothing more than a monumental wooden door with a colonial detail, in my opinion, and to right, a giant (huge) paper stuck with a lot of names on it. Moreover, there were just so many souls, some of them “talking to” each other, whispering and wondering why they were gathered in this place. I wasn´t so social with anyone, It had been always like that, the misfit, the excluded, and so on.

Leaving that aside, every certain period of time, the door got opened to let out a enormous dog, as I noticed, it was a German shepherd with a spiked collar around its neck, with four meters long at most. Sounds weird, but it´s true, although there does not the end, the strangest thing was the fact that it could talk, and every time it came out, repeating the same:
– Be welcome to the “Souls’ Room’ – it said while it opened its big mouth, it was terrifying watching how it made us go back with the wind that it was produced while he was speaking. It always called one soul by the list on the wall, which, it will later enter the door with the huge canine and never came out. A lot of them commented that that they will be devoured by that animal, others, simply wanted to return, they were trying to scratch the walls or something, but with no results, since there was no way out of there, the only exit was that door.

After a long time, the time when I was called by the big dog finally came, to pass through that door. There was not much to say, except by the fact that the only thing I could do was keep moving forward in that door.

When I went in, there was absolute darkness, cannot be seen even another soul, it was the nothingness, without noises or senses, nothing. All of sudden I thought that it was the destiny provided for me, the death in front of me appeared a light that it was so shiny. Blinded by that bright, I could not make out who or what was making such a shine like that. I could only hear a deep, strange and mysterious voice coming from the light.
– Hello Eric. – It said, I still was unable to understand what was happening, so I did not answer to its greeting. Suddenly, I began to feel a comforting warm from the light.
– What are you? – I succeed to ask it, I have to admit that I felt some scare of what came to answer or what could happen me next. There was a silence for a few seconds, which broke the sound of my voice again (once more). –Answer me! – I reincorporated myself with some authority and even more trust (confidence/reliance) on myself, I wanted (looked for) answers and sure I was that would get them.
– “What” not, rather “who” it would be a better question – Replied in a very calm voice – In any case, that’s a question without importance actually, you already know who I am, even if you don’t believe in me. I take you here, my son, like everyone, with the intention to tell you that the time of your transfer has come. – It said with a subtle but intriguing voice and before I could even answer, it added. – Do you want to begin without your memories or keep up them? – That question let me more confused, I had no idea of what was happening or what really meant “transfer” and to “keep up my memories”, that’s why I chose to keep up them. But before I can ask about what “transfer” means, it said me. – Almost everyone choose to forget, but it´s your choice, so it will be in that way – And without another word, the light vanished instantly.

All become in absolute darkness, I felt lost, floating in the void, without direction, even know if I was still alive or dead, wondering myself about what it want to mean with “transfer” and what would happen now. I was so confused, so many questions and no enough answers, the feel of the time was impossible, I want to speculate… perhaps a year, just a couple of days, who knows.
After a while, it opened a bridge on the nothing, a huge ace of light appeared growing even bigger, until it completely got cover in light, and I got blinded by a few instants. When finally I got the time to open my eyes, I could saw two creatures, one of which was holding me in his arms, forcing my sight, I could make out their faces, and so, I was surprised in such a way that I could not hold it back and let out a noisy cry, I wanted scream, but it became a cry, since I noticed I was a baby and the creatures around me were nothing but two huge lions, one male and one female, under the shade of a leafless tree, just a big pear-shaped fruit species, three suns shining with a green apple color and a couple of clouds in the sky, which, just to continue the challenge of the logic, it was yellow.

TO BE CONTINUED - Chapter II: "That Land That I Called Home"

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