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The Two Lands - Death It´s just the beginning - Chapter II

That land that I called home

All right, it was very strange at seeing the creatures all around me, which they never stopped putting silly faces, caressing me. Was it too much to ask for some explanations? At noticing that I couldn’t talk, I was just sobbing, before I was taken in to a kind of round carriage, made of wood, an oval door and a lot of empty spaces, just to look like windows, in the front the was a kind of metal staff in which hung from a square lamp, turn off and no wheels, of course it didn’t need to, cause it floated in the air.

I never stopped to amaze me, every time I noticed more about the surroundings I got even more amazed. In one of the top corners of the transportation, there was a crystal inlaid on it and the shine with intensity, I didn’t knew in that moment how did it work, but I figured that I would soon find out. I was cover with a pink blanket in which by some reason, it was uncomfortable for my back. We step into the “carriage”, inside I couldn’t see it so well, because one of the animals hold me on its chest, and unable to avoid falling to sleep into its arms. At times, being child stinks. When I woke up, I was on a white rectangular crib, in a very spacious room, just to my right, a huge picture window, which was opened, letting in a beautiful breeze, the floor that was lined with a carpet, that it seemed very soft. At my side there was a bed, and judging by its size, matrimonial.

Now settled and with a pair of year in me, my new “parents”, so to speak, and the daily life, let me known more about that strange world.

It could said that I was a simple world and at the same time not, with seven kingdoms, almost each one of them separated in gigantic continents, with a monarchic system, ruled by a king in each kingdom, ours, was the Kingdom of Isidor. With lots of different kinds of jobs everywhere, which in my case, farmer, in the farm of my parents. But in my opinion, the best job of all was of being a Hunter, he whose job was to kill beasts not only with weapons but with magic too. Each kingdom has its own guild, ours was Zolt. There also existed different minerals that possessed different specialties and uses, like those that are used to electricity, fire…etc. Placed in the slots of the objects to give them movement or forged them, to give them “special abilities” in weapons or to raise magic power.

After some time, it came the news that the king was dead, and the heirs were only those of will be chosen by the gods in which the people of that land believed in, through runes, the sages deciphered who were the chosen ones and summoned ones, so that later they would go to combat, and the winner would be chosen among them.

I had already eighteen years old in which I was given the task to clean the sheds, I got used to this world, living in a kingdom’s small town, in a shack made of bricks and other materials. It cost me a lot the fact of knowing that I was no longer a human, I was now an anthropomorphic creature, a blue lion with wings, which were the sources of my back pain when I was a baby, dressed on a sort of leather jacket and short pants that cover me to my knee, which all was of brown color and darker brown for the jacket. That name that I used to have, completely disappeared so that I will star with the name Daisuke Mizugawa.

Now with the entrusted duty, I decided to organize the place which was full with boxes and metal parts, clothing. I don’t know how much time I spent on this bur for sure it must have been hours, until, when I was organizing the shelves, I noticed under a lot of fabrics, all dusty, a weapon kind of peculiar, with the average measure of my size, which if I remember it was 1.78M, thanks to its enormous blade, still full of dust because it must have been here year ago it seems, I noticed that it still really sharp with a strange green mark on the handle, interlaced, with some kind of crystal on the point of the sword and three more between the blade and the handle, without mentioning the big one on the center of the sword, all red and very impressive by the eye.

By some strange reason, I wanted to grab it, but in that moment, it happen an earthquake that it looks like if something had hit it, throwing the stuff I organized, I was able to notice that it came from the orchard, were my parents were. I ran to see what had happened, and I could see how my father was holding a rake on his hand with my mother behind him, defending himself from a huge troll, they happened to measure between 5 or 6 meters and they never enter villages without a reason. I throw him a rock that I found on the ground and that I had on my reach, although it didn’t work at all, I managed to call his attention, it attacked me with all his rage as it seems, giving me a hit that send me against the house, back to the shed, leaving me under the boxes and metal tubes, I break free from all this things and I could see that the troll was getting closer to me, I didn’t had nothing to defend myself, when I watched the huge sword. Incredible to believe, when I pull out the sword its weight didn’t match its size, although I had to use both of my hands to wield it or otherwise I wouldn’t know how to use it, and I decided to defend myself with the sword, swinging into various directions I managed to cut his arm that felt on my left, staining me, the sword and the ground with blood, then the troll started to emit a great scream, raising his arm to give a new strike, I got stunned in the act, because before I could do anything a fox appeared in the back of the troll and piercing through the thorax of the troll with its two hand sword, making the troll fall in the floor in front of me, it was obvious that the troll was dead in an instant and that the one who helped me was on his back.

With a great silver hair, gray fur, in its chest there was a breast strap that was protecting the zone where his heart was, spiky shoulder pads and with white airy pants that cover its legs, they were found under some sort of shiny gold fabric, tack with red strips on the edges and with a headband on his head made of the same material as its belt that it was wearing, which had himself out, two large strips that reach its knees, waving with the wind and that made it have a mysterious air along with a scar on its left eye. I supposed it was a hunter, although it was weird to see one around here, considering that this is a small town.

What I could never forget about our meet, was when he fold its handle, he got off the troll toward me, with calm and gentle steps, it kneel in front of me, making me a bow and without hesitating -I’m glad I found you, your majesty- He said leaving me speechless by the shock I got at hearing it.

TO BE CONTINUED - Chapter III "Noah"

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