lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

The Two Lands - Death It´s just the beginning - Prologue


You know this world where we live are full of lovely fauna and splendid flora, wonderful landscapes and amazing buildings, huge cities.

We’ve advanced technology, well ahead medicine; it’s why we can attain great things. We also have a large variety of cultures, beliefs and religions, breeds and so more things.
Not long time ago, I was nothing but a simple guy with 18’s whose name was Eric Ramírez, a common Mexican guy, settled in Tijuana without ambitions or wish for great things, one run-of-the-mill, who thought meaningless to value the life.

But thanks to one of those destiny’s twist, a day like anything, my life comes to his end in an unexpected way ‘cuz a fateful traffic accident that happened when I was coming back from my job, perhaps I was out of my mind or maybe the trucker was drunk. In any case, the last I can remember about that is woke up on stretcher, going along of a cream-colored corridor which blue-glazed tiles in the walls and floodlights in the roof. Several people wearing white coats were around me, they face was blurred and belongs to a stranger, I haven’t idea about how serious my condition was, at that moment all that I know was that my situation was not good, I couldn´t feel nothing.

The only one person that I already knows was my mom, the sadness can be noticed in her face, I could see everyone’s lips moving, even if I cannot understand what they were talking about, there was an uncomfortable, huge and whole silence, I was just able to feel my heart’s beats, which seems fewer continual and more spacious between them. I was able to notice how they weep for me, with my middle-opened eyes.

I did want to raise myself, to wake up and look that all was nothing more than a dream, a nightmare. But that didn’t happen, and before I can realize what will happen next, I closed my eyes, take a big breath and then breathe out one last time, or that was I thought, ´cuz for me, who always thought about himself as someone utterly atheist, death was not end of the way, instead, it was just the beginning of a new one, a new world with a new life.

This is my history, and I want to share it with all of you, ‘cuz even if you don’t believe it, everything that I’ll narrate you, is true. Maybe, it could be really hard understand at the beginning, for me it was too, but you will, with every word that you read here.

TO BE CONTINUED - Chapter 1: “The day that I was reborn”

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