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The Two Lands - Death It´s just the beginning - Chapter III


–You are candidate to be king, which was told by the old runes, the elders registered those words from the gods and they gave me the mission to escort you to the city and protect you until the great tournament, which will decide who will be the king of this kingdom- I still couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing – Me? Candidate for king? I think you got the wrong person – I said before leaving and go to see my parents, which were fine although a little shock out by the events, besides, thanks to that, my mother got low pressure.

The Hunter stabs his sword into the ground and helped us to take my mother to home, so she could rest. Once done this, while my mother was resting with my father, the hunter called me again. – Your majesty, please you must go with me – He kept insisting but I always replied – Why? I don’t even know your name and… You want me to believe you that I was chosen to be King?!- I started to raise my voice and to hit the table with my fist. To respond, the hunter closed his eyes and again he praised me and added – My most sincere apologies, my name is Noah Roxnald, range B hunter of the guilt Zolt of the Isidor kingdom–.

Also did I mentioned, the hunters were divided internally in ranges which goes on a scale from A to D, inclusive there are “special hunters”, the class S. With more range, better missions could accept, only The Master of the guild could decide which range one could be, by observing their qualities and abilities.

Returning to the original topic, his name was very familiar to me but I did not give it so much importance to that and I concentrate on what's important – What makes you think I am? Maybe you're wrong – I turned my look to see his face, a little confused, he just gave a little sigh and said – Well if you do not believe me, join me to see one of the elders who are in the guild, he may say with certainty whether or not you are a candidate for king - We remained thoughtful for a while, looked at me with cold but safe eyes until it is interrupted by me adding – I do not know if I should believe you or not, in any case I'll have to think about it – I said dully, Noah smiled and told me – I'm not going to leaving here without you, let me know when you becomes clear – And with nothing more to say he retired from the house but I know that he will stay around. It was getting dark, repairs take time but as we sat down to eat at a wooden table, my parents were better and we sat down to talk about the question for several hours and I was still puzzled by that.

Finishing with a smile from them and their words: - We love you son and what you decide is fine with us, we know you will choose the best, do not worry about us – They don´t said anything else.

Shortly after I retired to my room which was small and only had a single bed and a trunk with my clothes, I stare out a window, the night was clear, the moon was big and the sky clear, hours later, I took my decision.

TO BE CONTINUED – Chapter 4: “My life, my choice”

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