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The Two Lands - Death It´s just the beginning - Chapter IV

My life, My choice

Just when it’s assumed that I was getting used to this world something comes along that changes everything and it’s supposed I must now adapt to that's new again? I didn´t know whether to laugh or just see the irony of life playing around me, anyway, had to go on because although if I am or not the candidate that they want, I have always wanted to become a hunter since I arrived to this world.

Displaying the starry sky, I let out a little sigh again meanwhile I looked how a shooting star crossed my face, which went down and saw a big old tree with a trunk interlaced.

I jumped out of my window and walked towards the tree where I laid me on the trunk for a moment and then, climb up to sit in one of their branches, where I could see the entire town or at least a major part of it. A breeze caressed my face, and feel of homesickness for what some see happened here came to my mind.

(12 years ago)

Sitting in the same place, scanning the horizon as the sunset is starting, I was thinking on what I would do when I grow up, but my thoughts were interrupted by a voice of a girl who came up behind me – Dai-chan! Hello! – Shouting in my ear, exalting and making me lose my position, falling to the ground on my back, the pain was upset because I fell on my wings.

– Are you okay? – Said the girl jumping from the tree, letting me noticed that she was a red fox fur, she looked and stood next to me with a smile on her face helping me to get up.

– I seem to be okay? – I said a little dizzy, even if I let her see my back, I looked at her turning my head towards her with a straight face, without caressing her apologies – Anyway, what do you want? –.

– Don´t be bitter, tell me, are you still thinking about your crazy idea about a world with "human"? – She said hugging me.

– Is not a crazy idea! Anyway, I'm not thinking about it – I replied in a dry voice and with a determined look.

– So? – She said confused while their purple hair rub my cheeks, it was only two years older than me, so she had bent a little to hug me.

– I decided to become a hunter, I want to discover what other things exists in this world –.

– Are you sure? – She said hugging me stronger and with a gentle and lovely voice told me – I don´t want you get hurt – Being thoughtful and snuggling his head on one side of my neck.

– Don´t worry, I'll be fine, I'll become strongest – I said with a slight and safety smile.

- Daisuke ... - His voice was fading.


The memory, like the breeze, went away, staying lost for the rest – Daisuke ... – Listening to her voice in my head repeating my name.

– Daisuke – Curiously, I felt that her voice becomes strongest in my mind and became more repetitive until – Daisuke! – I hear a shout from my back, making fall landing on my back, over my wings.

– I…I'm sorry your majesty – Said that guy, getting down from the branch and standing next to me tried to help me to get up – I'm sorry, I thought if I called you by your name, it would be more comfortable – Bowing in front of me – I saw you so thoughtful and I thought that something wrong was happening to you -

– Its... doesn´t matter now – I look a bit dazed, but within minutes I stood well.

– Is something wrong? – His voice sounds worried and then, he approached to me.

– I decided to go with you to the guild – I said with a seriously voice, he looked at very happy for my answer until I said – But only with one condition –.

TO BE CONTINUED – Chapter V “Lets hit the road”

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